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Succession by Design, Not Default

Our Solutions

Shared Vision

An alignment of your business succession and personal wealth and estate goals.

Personal Wealth and Estate Planning

Our Personal Wealth and Estate plan gives you a snapshot of where you are, to crystallize your goals and objectives, and gives you a road map to help you stay on track.

Financial Independence Analysis

A regular, proactive analysis of your current financial picture with custom recommendations made to achieve your long-term financial goals.

Capital Needs Analysis

An analysis of specific liquidity needs particular to high-net-worth individuals

Personal Financial Website

A one-stop platform to monitor your diverse financial picture.

Business Succession Planning

A written document outlining the goals and processes of how a business owner will be succeeded.

Emergency Operating Plan

A document to protect the business, and all those associated with it, in the event of the unexpected death or incapacitation of the owner.

Executive Retention Plan

A plan to attract, retain, and reward the people who help you build your business

Business Valuations

A best-effort estimation of the fair market value of a company and an analysis of the key performance indicators that affect that value

Why Erben Associates?

Our Team – We hire smart people who care

Our team cares about your happily ever after. With over 75 years of combined experience in helping business owners and executives create a better future for their families, we are ready to help. In addition, the EA team is committed to constant learning in our field so to best serve our clients. Our team currently carries the following designations:

Accredited Estate Planner, Certificate from the Chartered Institute of Management of Accountants, Master of Science in Financial Services.

Our detailed process and timeline

By using our detailed Seven Step Exit Planning Process, we are able to maximize the quantifiable and non-quantifiable values of your business, minimize risk, and keep you in control of your exit. Not to mention, we will be with you every step of the way.

Long-term affiliations and relationships with other professional firms and advisors

30 years in business has given us the opportunity to form affiliations and relationships with some of the top firms and advisors in the industry. Whether you are in need of a CPA, M&A firm, or a legal team – we can help you in securing the best team possible to fit your needs.

Real-time tracking and consolidated
snapshots of current financial health via EA Wealth Solution®

The number one rule of our firm – Never let our client run out of money. We will give you access to a Personal Financial Website that allows you to track all of your accounts real-time so that you can monitor your financial health 24/7, and stay on track with your goals.

The Power of M

Erben Associates is proud to be a member of M Financial Group, a nationwide organization of over 130 independent insurance, investment, and executive benefit firms.

M Member Firms collaborate continuously to develop new and innovative ways to better serve their clients. This pool of intellectual capital makes a powerful difference for clients by providing them with access to the following:

  • Proprietary products designed and priced exclusively for high net worth clients
  • Leading edge technology, proactive sales support, and market intelligence
  • Insights and wisdom from the intellectual capital of over 130 member firms nationwide