Start preparing for your family’s future today

You work hard for your money every day. But how will you make sure you and your family are taken care of after you’ve hung up your hat?

Erben Associates works to make sure that the wealth you’ve built with your hard work will continue to be there long after you sell your business or retire. Our comprehensive Personal Wealth Planning process is designed to:

  • Preserve personal assets
  • Manage wealth now and in the future
  • Promote harmony in the family

Asset Management

Is your portfolio working with you, or against you?

An integral part of ensuring your happily ever after is having your portfolio work towards your specific goals and objectives. At Erben Associates, our asset management philosophy is not only to help you recognize your specific goals, but also to allocate your portfolios with what we believe is the appropriate risk tolerance in order to achieve them. This approach gives you the ability to compare your portfolio to what’s important to you, rather than an arbitrary index.

Intergenerational Wealth Planning

Is your family prepared to run your business?

The thought of passing your wealth to your children can bring up a lot of anxieties. Like others in your position, you may lie awake wondering:

  • How do I make sure my wealth will be distributed exactly the way I want?
  • How can I protect their inheritance from unintended heirs?
  • Will wealth overwhelm my children and mess up their future?
  • How can I prepare them for the wealth they are going to receive?

Erben Associates works with your advisory team to design your personalized plan allowing you to find relief, ease, and confidence. They strive to fully prepare, protect, and educate your children to confidently handle and manage the wealth that will one day be passed to them.


How much do you need to retire? More than you think.

If you’re saving for retirement, you’re probably wondering how much you’ll need to retire in comfort. It’s probably more than you think. Social Security just isn’t enough, and more and more retirees are spending their benefits on health care alone.

At Erben Associates, we can help you plan for the future you want, whether that includes plans for travel, a new car, or a vacation home. We work to balance your tolerance for risk through investments with solid asset planning and a clear roadmap to help ensure that you’ll have enough money to enjoy the retirement you’ve earned.

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