Noah Remmert

Investment & Planning Coordinator


Noah is the Investment & Planning Coordinator at Erben Associates. He works closely with both the investment and planning teams to create comprehensive solutions to complex problems. He strives to provide accurate and effective service to individuals and families so that they can minimize risk to their personal wealth, preserve and grow the value of their business, and attain financial independence. Noah has a passion for collaborating with clients to ensure that their goals and objectives drive the plan.

Noah was born and raised in Austin, Texas. Before joining Erben Associates in the Summer of 2020, he attended Louisiana State University for his Bachelor of Science in Finance from E.J. Ourso College of Business. Noah gained an affinity for the investment industry while serving as a manager of the “Tiger Fund”, a large cap equity portion of the university endowment. He will look to continue building on his knowledge of the financial markets in order to provide value and service to Erben Associates and their clientele.

When he is not working on projects with the Erben team, Noah enjoys watching sports with his family and friends, playing music, flying with his dad, and playing golf.