Will your business still take care of you when it’s not yours?

You don’t want the business you’ve worked so hard to create to stay the same year after year. You want it to grow and provide more for you and your family, today, tomorrow, and when you retire.

Erben Associates can help you protect the tangible and intangible value of your business that buyers will one day pay for. We help you focus on identifying and creating the value drivers that will help build and preserve the value of your business, including:

  • A stable and motivated management team
  • A realistic growth strategy
  • Operating systems that improve cash flows
  • Separating business assets from business operations


Don’t leave your business until you know what it’s worth

Many business owners overestimate what their business is worth and only find out after they’ve taken it to market. They walk away without much to show for their life’s work or retire on in the comfort and financial wellbeing they’ve earned because they haven’t addressed two simple questions:

  • How much do I need to maintain the lifestyle I want for me and my family when I retire?
  • Is my business worth enough after taxes to support those needs?

Erben Associates helps you make sure you’re not asking too much (or too little) for your business, or selling it before it’s worth enough to let you retire in style. We’ll work with you in an effort to get the fair market value for your business and come up with a plan to increase it’s value until you’re ready to sell.

Management Transition Plan

Leave your business in confident hands.

No one can escape the eventual exit of their business. As a business owner, one of the hardest decisions you will make while exiting your business is who will fill your shoes when you are gone. You not only hold the responsibility of choosing a successor who will keep the train on the tracks, but one who will make sure the business excels in the next generation.

Erben Associates can work with you to map out a transition plan to help you navigate the chaos and uncertainty of leaving your business. By identifying and incentivising your leadership team, we can help you make sure you have a strong team in place for your inevitable departure.

Life Insurance Audit/Planning

Safeguard yourself and your family/business.

Forward thinking business owners often purchase life insurance, and think that once they have received their policy, that is the end of the process. They like to believe that they have solved their problem or provided protection for their families and/or businesses. Unfortunately, that is often not the case.

Our job at Erben Associates is to help you navigate the obscure world of life insurance and to educate you on what type of life insurance may best suit your goals, so that you can make informed decisions. We will also help to monitor and adjust that insurance over time to help ensure it is fulfilling your objectives. Just as life is dynamic, so should life insurance be.

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