Our Planning Process

We use a systematic, organized process to manage the design and implementation of the tools that best create a customized strategy to meet your unique goals. A comprehensive road map includes considerations for your estate, business and wealth. Our strategic planning process helps to minimize tax consequences to your estate and business; reduce risk associated with growing your personal assets; and increase the likelihood of a successful transfer of your business.

  • Introduction to Exit Planning. Our first priority is to provide you a greater understanding of common planning challenges unique to business owners. We use a variety of tools to assess your goals and objectives as they relate to your family and your business, and will explore the topics that are of critical importance to you.
  • Data and Document Collection. The process of designing and implementing a comprehensive Business Owner Road Map begins with crystallizing your planning objectives and identifying current resources and plans. In this stage, we’ll discuss your current situation to give me the tools and knowledge to design an effective plan.
  • Plan Design. We will develop a preliminary road map, which will serve as a central location to organize and present important facts about, your objectives and recommended strategies to achieve your goals. We will confirm basic facts, revisit and solidify your objectives and discuss planning recommendations, and likely modify this first draft as you see how your objectives and unique circumstances interact and affect potential options. Once we have finalized your Road Map, We will provide a list of action items for implementation, outlining a timeframe for each.
  • Implementation of Recommendations. We work with you to engage the appropriate team of advisors for this phase and remain involved through the implementation phase so that the process that described here achieves your intentions as effectively as possible. It is critically important to the success of your plan that all legal, financial and tax planning recommendations are in harmony with one another, so we will manage your advisor team throughout the length of the process.
  • Annual Executive Reviews. As part of our ongoing client service, we will meet annually to review your case and update your plans as appropriate.

A typical planning process can take from three to six months. As we progress through this objectives-based system to design and implement your plan, our team will update you regularly on the status of each planning recommendation.